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2011 ended well for Silhouette!

We had moved to the online version at the start of the second quarter of the calendar year. So this is the third issue of Vol IX. As promised, every third issue will be topical whereas the other three issues round the year will be truly Miscellaneous!

Rabindranath Thakur, the doyen of Indian culture and the first and only Nobel Laureate in Literature from India is our topic for this issue. Thakur’s 150th birth centenary concluded last year and there have been celebrations in every sense. From the start of India’s cinematic journey Rabindranath’s stories and novels have been used profusely – as the narrative and also using his songs for playback. Satyajit Ray, had made few of his films on Thakur’s stories – Charulata being the most prominent. We consciously tried to ignore critical essays on the Ray films made on Thakur’s stories simply because such articles are abundant. Rather, we wanted to base our issue on films which have been less discussed.

In continuation to our other issues, we have kept a couple of articles in the Miscellaneous section.

As the eventful year draws to an end, here is wishing all our readers and everyone a prosperous and painless New year.

Happy reading.

Amitava Nag
December 2011

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