Volume 6 - December 2008


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About the Edition

Everything comes in full circles. Or so it seems. It all started way back in 2001 on a humid summer evening in Kolkata. It was at the Nandan premises, the hotbed of cinema culture in Kolkata when a group of enthusiasts, mainly students (apart from few like this editor) came up with the idea of a film society. The Silhouette Film Society was born. And as one of the activities of the society we planned to bring out a magazine – an annual one. However, soon the magazine became the society’s prime activity – Silhouette, was published for 5 years at a stretch till 2005 January.
The reason for the preamble is simple – Silhouette is getting published again after a gap of almost 4 years and this requires some background and possibly a justification. As I sit back to write the editorial and a series of memories flood my mind, I refrain from any reasoning for the unavoidable pause in our journey – its probably quite absurd too. Rather I will quote a few lines from our first editorial which still hold true – “Silhouette is about polyphony, their coexistence. In lieu of being a synthesis, it breathes in a symbiosis where every ‘thought’ is defined in ‘otherness’ while leaving the privilege for synthesis to individuals. Raised from a petrifying perplexity in our consciousness, Silhouette is, in one way—many ways, an understanding of and in our time.”
Taking cue of the last line, when we sat together to come up with a cover topic, it was unanimous – we should look into the concept of ‘Displacement’ in films. However, as we started getting articles from all over the globe, we are fascinated by the multiple layering of the term ‘displacement’ – physical, social, economic, emotional and so on. We hope it will be a good mix to keep our readers engaged.
In the last issue (Silhouette Vol5) we hoped to continue with our Film Society Movement section from this issue onwards. However, it still seems an improbable section for us in this issue and probably in future as well. However, we do have a new Retrospective section which is logically divided in two parts – in one part we pay homage to film personalities who were born 100 years back and in the other, we try to look back at films that were made 50 years ago. Again the choice of the films of 1958 or the film personalities born in 1908 is indicative and no way exhaustive.
As I sign off, let me reiterate the feelings of everyone in our Silhouette family – without your critical appreciation our exercise is not complete. To ensure that the debates raised in this volume don’t pass into oblivion, it is you who have to participate, interact and create.

We hope you will enjoy this issue. Happy reading!!


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