Volume 5 - December 2005


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About the Edition

Times around us are changing continuously, so is cinema. There has been a growing need felt for looking around and exploring the different facades of contemporary cinema around us, which has been gaining some distinct traits over time. This issue tries to gather some thoughts about those prominent aspects of today's cinema under the Cover topic section. The scope is not exhaustive rather indicative. Somewhere it seeks to find out an evolving pattern through the film spectatorship, production means, somewhere it focuses on the expansion of horizon with merging of unconventional streams like animation into the main streams. In essence, this is an attempt to grasp the very transitional natures of today's cinema, to suggest the promises and possibilities for better or worse. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, the Film society movement section could not be included this time, which we hope to carry forward next onwards. Other sections like Critic's column and Miscellaneous sections are continued as earlier. It has not been a very optimistic and joyous year for Silhouette. Silhouette is grief stricken with the sad demise of Anil Saari Arora who has not only been one of the major contributor, but a guide friend and honest critic since its inception. The loss is beyond compensation. Silhouette would remember Anil Da as a very great person by heart.


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