Volume 4 - December 2004


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About the Edition

Our fourth issue comes out right at the heels of the Tsunami – one of the greatest natural disasters that we have ever seen in our lifetime. Therefore, before anything else, we would like to take this opportunity to extend our sympathies to all who were afflicted by the disaster, directly or indirectly. Our sympathies lie as much with the families of the deceased as with the survivors who are no doubt in the midst of immense trauma, material and psychological. Our cover topic for this issue is ‘Iranian cinema’. Iranian cinema has emerged lately as one of the most potent and powerful forces in world cinema. It has treaded uncharted avenues to deal with unique and particular problems that affect them, problems as diverse as turbulent socio-political conditions to the censorship policy. Being technically as well as thematically distinct from both European and Hollywood cinema, its uniqueness and creative strength has attracted much critical and aesthetic interest in the recent years. The articles under the Cover Topic section deal with Iranian cinema in a varied number of ways. Some are general and panoramic overview of certain relevant aspects of Iranian cinema while others deal with specific movies in specific contexts. Our objective in the choice of the cover topic and the articles is to provide a holistic as well as an intensive view of this comparatively new but extremely important phenomenon. In this issue we have introduced one major change in the format, prompted by the experience that we have accumulated over the past few years. It is the replacement of the ‘News’ section with a brand new ‘Miscellaneous Column’ section. This change probably demands some kind of an editorial justification, as the ‘News’ section did feature prominently in our past issue. Two things prompted us to bring about the change. The first was the observation of the fact that Silhouette is an annual affair, and given the mind-boggling speed at which information travels across the world these days, is quite naturally hard pressed to keep pace with it. As a result of which, most news tend to lose relevance by the time they appear as news in our magazine. The second reason was that, we often got articles that did not fit into the pre-existing categories but were nevertheless valuable and deserving of a place in a magazine that repeatedly professes to be an open platform for film related discussion. Together these factors led us to decide to cut out mere irrelevances and substitute them with something more worthwhile: so out went the ‘News’ section and in came the ‘Miscellaneous Column’ section to accommodate these writings. Apart from these, however, we have the usual sections – ‘Critic’s Column’ and ‘Movement Column’. As always we expect inputs from you regarding the issue of which we haven't heard much of late. We will also welcome participation in the various activities with which the society is involved throughout the year. Many of our plans and projects fail to see the light of the day simply due to the lack or manpower, for which we earnestly look forward to your cooperation and membership. We hope you will enjoy this issue. Happy reading.


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