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Silhouette: vol vi was a success— we had regrouped after a period of time and were unsure if we can do justice to the faith our readers bestowed upon us. Keeping that reference frame in mind, we made our readers satisfied to certain extent in whatever small ways we could. There had been shortcomings, limitations and quite a lot of areas which needed improvement. Some of these we already knew but were pegged down by the biggest constraint of almost every creative endeavour of this sort— finance. But for many, we never thought it the ‘different’ way. Not that we have changed much in this issue either. Silhouette being a semi-academic magazine (if we know the definition, it means (sic)) we thought this time to add some film stills which are available free on the internet. Again, we couldn’t do it due to several reasons but have kept that plan alive for forthcoming volumes.

Silhouette always thrived to be contemporary in its outlook as well as its choice of topics. The biggest question remains, how can you ensure contemporariness when the magazine is brought out annually? Pretty farcical may be, but to put things straight, we try to deal with subjects that we feel are catching up or we envision them to be discussed in detail in future. Taking up China and Korea as our cover topic was driven by this urge. Not that there is a dearth of material on the cinema of these two countries internationally but surely there is inadequate practice of appreciating many a masterpiece of these lands in the Indian circuit. We try to pitch in here and address this gap, something similar to what we did with our fourth issue— Iran. To add here, we went by the prevalent and common definition— films of China included those of Mainland China and Taiwan.

Rest all sections remain almost the same. The Retrospective section however changed its format a bit maintaining its basic purpose though. This year we paid tribute to Tapan Sinha who passed away in 2009, yesteryear Bengali actress Bharati Devi and the ‘Apu’ of our times— Soumitra Chatterjee for completing 50 years in cinema.

We haven’t heard from you in numbers. If you want Silhouette to evolve and advance, you have to guide us and help us better this magazine. As before, we will wait for you to knock us at any of the following: moc.liamg|yteicosmlifetteuohlis#moc.liamg|yteicosmlifetteuohlis / Amitava Nag - +919830584761 / F5 Panchasayar, Kolkata 700094, West Bengal, India.

Till then, happy reading!

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A Close look of the Contents

  • Cover Topic: Fims Of China & Korea
  1. In Search of New Genres and Directions for Asian Cinema | Hou Hsiao Hsien (ed. Partha Raha)
  2. Three Times— Temporal poetics of Hou Hsiao-hsien | Sayam Ghosh
  3. Matrix of claustrophobia: Raise The Red lantern | Shiladitya Sarkar
  4. Family values and tradition: Perspectives of three contemporary Chinese filmmakers | Jugu Abraham
  5. The Medium as the Message:Cinematic Intertextuality in Im Kwon-Taek’s The General’s Son | Earl Jackson Jr.
  6. Taking Over: Notes on The Host | Adrian Martin
  7. Chunhyang: An Artistic Splendor | Barnali Saha
  • Critic's Column
  1. Jamal lacks it: Game show politics and rise of Individual 87 in Slumdog Millionaire | Spandan Bhattacharya
  2. Where Defeat is Victory – Anachronism is History | Abhijit Kundu & Trinanjan Chakraborty
  3. The Moor Recontextualized Othello to Omkara | Nishi Pulugurtha
  4. The colours of language and legalities: reviewing Gulaal | Mukul Sharma
  5. The Story of a Tykwer | Ananya Das
  • Retrospective
  1. Bharati Devi— Documenting Memories | Sharmila Maiti
  2. “I can act in any state of mind”—Soumitra Chatterjee | Interview
  • Miscellaneous
  1. Videos To Voice | Poulomi
  2. 15 Park Avenue : Mithi’s Magic Mind— A Human and Scientific Exploration | Ujjal Chakraborty
  3. Metal Gear Solid 4 and Postcolonial History | Dennis Redmond
  4. Europe and Hollywood: Depiction of Second World War in Movies | Ratul Jash
  5. Cinema & Sexuality: On the Death of the Desiring Woman | Pooja Das Sarkar
  6. A tribute to Austen-Simon Langton’s Pride and Prejudice | Ananya Guha

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