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June 2010

The Mounting Emergence of SFX in Movies and Animations
by Richa Tewari

…The emergence of Special Effects (SFX) in movies has been a fast and very entertaining process. As years come and go we will watch countless movies with surprises on their Special Effects, along with the traditional ones. Do you know what Special Effects will be on the next blockbuster? Why don't we wait and be in for the surprise. Creativity of individuals out there will be there to make it happen whether if they are good or bad…Read Read Read!!!

Chinese Cinema: Then and After
by Michelle Baitali Bhowmik

…The dynamics of Chinese Cinema had unceasingly intrigued critics and scholars with renewed inquiry. A nation ripped off by subsequent political upsurges underwent cultural rehabilitation at various intervals with transformed impetus. One such major cultural movement occurred towards the turn of the last century ushering a new phase in the history of China…Read Read Read!!!

Films in Transition: Generations in Flux:China on the Move
by Rwita Dutta

…Chinese films thereby have a long history. The trajectory of Chinese films can be best understood with its intimacy with the political happenings of that region. Filmmakers of China are usually categorized as “generations”. Initially, there is a kind of prevailing homogeneity to be categorised as a generation of filmmakers though each of the generation varied substantially from the others…Read Read Read!!!

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