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Whether you are new or veteran, you are important. Please contribute with your articles…we are looking forward for an association.

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A few points:
- We are a non-profitable group and our goal is to build a platform for all for cause of Cinema as art form. Currently we are unable to remunerate authors. Your association and guidance are valuable to us.
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A Call for Articles

Dear Friends,

Silhouette Vol VIII will be published in 2010. Towards this we look forward to your help and cooperation as always.

The Table of Contents will look like this:

Cover Topic - Cities & Cinema

This section will try to cover the relationship between Cities & Cinema.

Critic’s Column

As always this section will feature film reviews


This time we will pay tribute to important film personalities

Miscellaneous Section

This is a mixed bag. Any article on film which doesn’t fall under any of the above three sections will feature here

Looking forward to your submissions.

Word Limit: 2000 – 2500
Timeline : 30th May 2010
Medium of language : Bangla and English

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